Towing Services

When it comes to towing services, we talk about different towing companies that are providing their services. Today, different types of towing services are available in Studio City.
You must know about different types of towing services before getting one.
Whether you need to park your car in the garage or your car is damaged by a road accident, you will need an excellent towing service for your vehicle.
The perfect towing service becomes necessary when you are going to tow your new car.
The service which is taking your vehicle will have to take care of your car’s safety and security.
For this purpose, you can only trust a professional towing Studio City service.
On the other hand, you must know which types of towing services are available in the market. This is important as you can get any towing service according to your requirements when needed.
Here are some towing services available in Studio City:
tow truck

Wheel lift towing service

Wheel lift towing service is good for your small car.
If you have a heavy vehicle that weighs more than 10000 lbs, you cannot get wheel lift towing service. This service is only available for small cars and 4×4 causal vans.
This towing service can load your vehicle into a towing truck and can park it in the garage.
The main advantage of his service is this is fast and cost effective.
This service is available at low costs and is fast as compared to other services.

Flatbed towing service

Another type of towing company service is flatbed towing service.
This towing service is mostly used for emergency towing.
The reason is this service is fast, and you can get this service for any of your vehicle regardless of size and weight.
This service requires parking the car into a towing truck so that it can transport it to another place. This service is run by a large 4×4 towing truck.
The benefit of flatbed towing service is it is safe and secure in all terms.
If you have a sports car or an SUV and you don’t want to take a risk while transporting your vehicle, flatbed towing is best for you.

Towing services regarding weight

Towing services also differ in their weight. You can select a small or medium duty towing service or a high duty towing service.
These services depend on the size and weight of the vehicle which is to be transported.

• The first type is low to medium towing service. This towing service includes all the small cars, sports cars, and 4×4 casual vans. As all of these are not heavy weighted, you can select medium towing service for them.
• The other type if high duty towing service. This type of towing service is great when you want

to transport a heavy vehicle or a lifter etc… regular SUVs and towing trucks cannot handle such large weight.
For such large vehicles, huge towing trucks are specially designed.
You can also get different vehicle towing services which includes motorcycle towing services and boat towing services.