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Imagine spending an incredible day at City Walk, where you bought brand new outfit to match your brand new shoes for the party this evening.  Then, at the end of your day, you finally reach your car, where, armed with armloads of bags, you fumble around your pockets for your keys.  After 5 or so minutes, it turns out that your keys aren’t on your person, but rather, you see through the car window that they’re dangling, peacefully in the ignition.

Your first reaction is the frantically check all the doors, only to find them all locked.  Then you look for cracks in the windows.  Then what?  There seems to be no way for you to obtain your keys.  You tried using telepathy to retrieve your keys but you’re no X-men.  The final solution to your situation (or so you thought) was to just break open the glass and get your keys that way. Studio City Car Lockout

DON’T do THAT!  For a fraction of the price for replacing the glass, our locksmith can perform the auto lockout service in minutes, saving you time AND money.

Here, we train our technicians to be able to unlock ANY car, and we pride ourselves in being able to master the skill.  We’ll come out, unlock your car, retrieve your keys, and we’ll do so in time for you to go to that party and show off your brand new kicks.

Call us today to have professional services performed on your car.  We’ll open up any car, of any size.

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