Flatbed Towing

flatbed towing

There’s no need to be worried if your vehicle breaks down early in the morning or late at night. If you have a breakdown in Studio City, consider our 24-hour flatbed towing services. Our professionals and live operators are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help drivers that want towing services. Our rates are reasonable, and you can feel comfortable that you’ve made the best towing decision possible. When you have automobile problems, save money and time by using our 24-hour flatbed towing service.

Versatile and Stable Flatbed Towing

The types of cars that standard tow trucks can move and tow are limited. A four-wheel-drive vehicle, for example, should not be towed with its wheels on the road. This will harm the vehicle’s transmission. Flatbed tow trucks, on the other hand, are versatile enough to handle a wide range of cars. They can easily lift the vehicle onto the flatbed and carry it safely. A flatbed tow truck can handle any vehicle, including four-wheel drive, SUVs, premium cars, and disabled vehicles, with ease.

Vehicles are either driven up or winched onto the platform on the back of the tow truck when using flatbed tow trucks. The platform, which resembles a flatbed, can be hydraulically adjusted and tilted down at an inclination to the ground. Vehicles can either drive up to the platform or be winched up by the tow truck’s winch system. The tires of the cars are fastened down and fastened after they are in place. Your vehicle can be transported as long as it fits inside the truck’s ramp.

Many Uses of Flatbed Towing

When compared to regular towing, flatbed towing is far safer. Because traditional towing exposes the car to collisions with other moving cars. The vehicle will still be at risk of being hit by other vehicles, as with traditional towing. A damage-free hauling experience is one of the key benefits of using a flatbed. The towed car will be fastened and locked in position on the back of the tow truck, as previously stated. Because the tires will be transported on a flatbed, they will not be worn out. When the vehicle’s axel breaks, it will be the only one who can tow the vehicle.

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